We at Hero Certified Burgers are fully aware of the various dietary needs and restrictions of our customers – we have you covered when it comes to choosing a delicious and wholesome menu item that is just right for you.

Individual foods may come into contact with one another during preparation, which is not reflected on this chart. Although we do not use peanuts or tree nuts ingredients in our food, Hero Certified Burgers cannot guarantee the complete absence of these allergens in its restaurants.

For general information on food allergens, visit the Food Allergies & Intolerances on website at healthycanadians.gc.ca

The information below is based on our suppliers’ ingredients lists and is as complete as possible at the time of publication. All statements may be subject to revision at any time.

Allergen Information Chart
Hero Burger (100% Canadian Angus Beef Raised without Hormones or Antibiotics)XNO
Soul Burger (100% vegetarian)XYES
Wild Alaskan Salmon FilletXNO
Angus Hot DogXXNO
Crispy Chicken BreastXXmay containX
Crunchy Chicken StripsXXmay containX
Sweet Potato FriesXXNO
Onion RingsXXYES
Tempura ZucchiniXXXNO
Ultimate Friesmay contain
Vegetarian GravyXYES

(Canadian Cheddar, Smoked White Cheddar, Blue Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Goat Cheese & Cheese Curds)

Fried EggXNO
Crispy OnionsXYES
Sauteed OnionsXXYES
Sesame Poppy Bun XXYES
Small Seedless BunXYES
Ciabatta BunXXmay containmay containmay containNO
Multigrain XXXNO
Gluten Free Bunmay containXXYES
Vanilla Soft ServeXNO
Chocolate SauceXNO
Caramel SauceXNO
Zucchini RelishXYES
Creamy Honey DijonXNO
Hero Certified SauceXXNO
Low Fat MayonnaiseXNO
Pineapple Mango SauceXYES
Maple Chipotle BBQXYES
Ancho Chipotle XXXNO

Hero Beef Burgers
Ingredients: Beef, Water, White Navy Bean Puree, Pea Fibre, Ground Mustard Seed, Salt, Spice, Spice Extract