Becoming a Franchise Owner is a very exciting time in one’s life. We appreciate the sacrifice and dedication it takes to makes this leap of faith. Most people decide to buy a Franchise based on the success of the brand and establishment of the Company itself. We here at Hero Certified Burgers’ offer over 10 years of Franchise experience in the Toronto and GTA marketplace.

We opened up our first franchise is 2003 with one mission: to provide our customers with a naturally better burger filled with real ingredients and the highest quality of Angus beef that Canada has to offer. After 10 years and 60 locations, we have become one of Ontario’s most popular burger chains.

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Q: Can I use assets not located in Canada to buy the Franchise?
A: Unfortunately the answer is no. All assets must be present in Canada. The Canadian banks will not recognize property, or cash not available in Canada. You must be able to provide documentation to substantiate all assets.

Q: Do I need to be a Permanent Resident of Canada?
A: Yes

Q: Return on Investment
A: It is impossible to provide “return on investment” information for any new restaurant. Too many variables contribute the success of a location. Furthermore we are bound by legislation in Ontario that prohibits us from providing any sort of income potential, representations or projections of revenues.

Q: Do I have to have restaurant experience?
A: Although we prefer our candidates have prior restaurant experience, it is not mandated. It is however crucial that our franchisees have prior management and business experience. Our franchisees must be people focused, have knowledge of marketing their business and work in our restaurants full time.

Q: Do I have to work in the restaurant full time?
A: Yes, it is stated in our Franchise Agreement that our Franchisees are full time Operators. Our business model is based on the owner acting as the full time Manager. In order to manage your business effectively our franchisees need to control costs and manage their employees with a “Hands On” approach.

Q: How much training will I be provided?
A: Initially our training course for new franchisees is approximately 3 weeks in length. We have a brand new, state of the art Hero Certified Training Lab to teach you the ins and outs of Hero Certified Burgers. There is also on-going training provided from the head office to our network of franchisees through-out the year.