Churrasco Beef

CHURRASCO SMASHED BURGER & CHOPPED ANGUS BEEF BBQ POUTINE Unveiling a culinary adventure inspired by the vibrant grilling traditons of Latin America and the essence of Memphis barbecue. Discover the smokey tastes of the south and feel the heat from the spice palette of Latin America. Savoured with succulent Churrasco beef, grilled to perfection over […]

Iced Coffee

PREMIUM ICED COFFEE Treat yourself to a decadent twist on refreshment with our new Premium Iced Coffee creations, topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. Savour the rich flavours of our premium coffee, cooled to perfection over ice and elevated with a delightful touch of sweetness. Perfect for those who crave refreshment and indulgence—available […]


REAL FRUIT SMOOTHIES We are introducing our refreshing smoothie lineup to fuel your day! Enjoy the creamy goodness of our Banana Smoothie, the sweet tang of our Strawberry Smoothie, or the antioxidant-rich burst of our Blueberry Smoothie. For a delightful mix, try our Mixed Berry Smoothie packed with flavour. Perfectly blended to satisfy your cravings—available […]


BREAKFAST MENU Start your day the Hero way with our mouth-watering new breakfast menu items, crafted to fuel your morning with unbeatable flavours. At Hero Certified Burgers, we’re dedicated to bringing you high-quality ingredients and bold flavours. Taste our new breakfast menu items today, and make every morning heroic! Our line up includes, Frank’s Sriracha […]