At Hero Certified Burgers, we only ever use 100% Canadian Angus beef that is fully traceable and raised without the use of antibiotics, added hormones or steroids.

Compared to other meats, beef takes significant time and land resources to produce. Ranching is more than just producing beef, it is a way to produce food that conserves open spaces, native landscapes and allows wildlife to flourish. Making a choice to select beef produced under a sustainable mandate like the beef produced by Hero Certified Burgers is one small way to influence how food is cultivated and produced. By focusing on raising the Angus stock in the most natural and healthy manner possible, the end result is a lean and tender beef that is full of natural flavour.

We’re proud to announce our latest partnership with Beretta Farms as our exclusive Canadian Angus beef supplier. Partnering with Beretta Farms was a natural fit, allowing us to maintain the same attributes while increasing local production and attaching an incredible all Canadian story to our brand.

For more information on Hero Certified Burgers Cattle or Halal Certification, feel free to email