What’s Your Favourite Hero’s Burger?

Hero Burger - MY Hero Poster

Our HERO staff has to deal with a lot of burgers and people. Sometimes, our team can even tell what burgers our lovely and loyal visitors will order even before they hit the counter! In the spirit of the release of new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice photos, we thought we’d analyze what burgers our most famous superheroes would order if they ever decided to get certified. You know, in case comic books ever become real life.

superman hero burgerSuperman – Clearly, the Man Of Steel doesn’t need to worry too much about calories, cholesterol or blood pressure. Supes would be all about the 6oz Hero Burger. Since he’s all about truth, justice and the American way (even though he was co-created by Canadian Joe Shuster) he’ll probably take his burger in the most traditional way possible. Cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and onions for his veggies. Ketchup and mustard for his condiments. Behind the Kryptonian lineage is a simple boy from Kansas after all.



spiderman hero burger

Spiderman – Peter Parker may be the comic book universe’s most stressed out super-hero. The poor kid has to juggle savage villains while navigating the socially scary waters of the New York high school education system. Unlike Superman, Spidey’s powers came to him in a freak science accident. Before that he was just a social awkward bookworm. Believe it or not, a Spider’s web is made up of protein! (Google it if you don’t believe us). The stronger the web, the greater the protein. Clearly, Petey’s going with the Grilled Chicken Breast. If he’s going to spin webs of any size or nail Doctor Octopus with the old webs-in-the-glasses trick he’s only going to do it with protein.



Batmbatman hero burgeran – The caped crusader is the world’s greatest detective. Sure, Bruce Wayne may be an eccentric billionaire, but he’s also a New Yorker (please, we all know Gotham City is just code for the Big Apple).   Since he wouldn’t be coming to Hero Burger for New-York style Pizza, he’d be coming for New York’s second most well-known item. The Hot Dog; 100% Seasoned Angus Beef. After a long night of jumping off rooftops fighting crime he’d hit up the only joint in town open late night and grab his favourite New York snack for a little taste of home up here in Canada. Probably add some bacon and crispy onions to it as well.



ironman hero burgerIron Man – Tony Stark is one of the most socially-conscious heroes around. Yes, we know in Iron Man 1 he ate Burger King after escaping from Gulmira. Well, Gulmira isn’t a real city and neither is Iron Man’s love for cheeseburgers. Seriously! Iron Man would be all over the Wild Alaskan Salmon Filet.  Remember, Tony really has no powers….if anything he has an irregular heartbeat. After all, he’s got that cool plate in his chest. The Wild Alaskan Salmon Filet brings a lot to the table in terms of taste and energy and takes very little off in terms of calories and fat. In other words it’s all about value and is the sandwich fit for a billionaire.



magneto hero burgerMagneto – Magneto is definitely a bad guy. Anyone that wants to rid the Earth of humans can’t really be considered good by any stretch of the imagination and he’s chock full’of genetic mutations. So when he, or any mutants, ever stop into a Hero Burger location they’ll probably be enjoying burgers and ingredients from our Non-GMO menu. Plus Magento’s a vegetarian so you know he’d be all over our Soul Burger.



What burger will your favorite hero be having? Let us know and use the hashtag #heroesathero so the debate can rage on!