Ways to Make Your Burger Healthier


Burgers get a bad rap.  We automatically put burgers in junk-food jail.  Cellmates with pizza and hot dogs.  Traditional fast-food chains and processed ingredients don’t help matters at all either.  However, the world’s favourite sandwich can also be a very healthy and nutritious choice!

Think for a second… a classic burger gives us proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals (from vegetables).  All of these are elements that your body needs to function smoothly!

What you need to do is pass on the not-so-healthy options such as high-calorie dips and sauces.   You can also get extra-lean and aged meat to reduce a lot of the fat.

Nowadays, burger-lovers are introducing the concept of gourmet burgers.  These are modern-takes on the classic sandwich that give a lot of nutritional value in addition to mouth-watering taste.  Here’s what a gourmet-burger looks like and how it’s healthier for you.

The meat: We all know this is the most important part of any good burger. Make sure you know what part of the meat you’re having. It’s important to aim for the best quality and the less amount of fat possible. This will make the flavor better and would give better texture to the patty. For example, at Hero Certified Burgers our meat is 100% all natural Canadian Angus beef raised without antibiotics or hormones with no additives or preservatives.  Not only does that mean less chemicals, but it also means better taste.

The bread: There are many different bread options to choose from. The best option is whole-wheat bread with extra fiber, sesame seeds or cereal. Make sure your selection is soft so that it blends with the rest of the ingredients. While our whole wheat flatbread is healthier, our regular HERO bun is made with olive oil, resulting in lighter calories. Try gluten-free bread as well which we offer at all of our locations!

Fresh vegetables: Please don’t forget about the guys in green! They’ll give you that extra boost of minerals and vitamins that your body needs. Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions (better raw than cooked) are all-time favorites, but you can certainly innovate with other options! Avocado is a great idea! Our non-GMO tomatoes, red onions and lettuce are all organically grown saving you from unnecessary chemicals.

Cheese: You can’t have a good burger without cheese, and we know that. But try to choose a low-fat or non-processed cheese, it’s going to be better and healthier for you..  We have five artisan Canadian cheeses to choose from, all naturally made with 100% Canadian milk.

Sauces: You can use them, but don’t abuse them. Using low-fat ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard is always a good idea, but keep an eye on the quantity!  A healthy burger’s flavor should come from the meat and the vegetables.  If sauce is a must for you then try something hot or acidic over the creamy stuff.  Acidic sauces like Sriracha are high in salt, but low in fat.

Fries & Sides:  Come on you health nuts! Live a little.  Nothing goes better with a burger than fries.  You can oven-bake your fries or just cut a few potatoes and fry on your own.  Sweet Potato Fries are delicious alternatives to their golden cousins or you can try our new Tempura Zucchini, which provide a farm fresh, crispy bite.

So now you know! burgers being unhealthy is a myth, and you can include them in your diet! Just follow these tips and make your hamburger healthy every time!

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