National Burger Month: The History Of The Burger


National Burger month is upon us and we here at Hero Certified Burgers want to celebrate this glorious month with as many people as possible. Look at it this way: Some people have Christmas and others have Hanukah. We have National Burger Month. During the holiday season, we like to take a look back at where everything started, where the humble beginnings of Burgers first took place.

 Every couple days we will be talking about Burger toppings such as Cheese, Bacon, Vegetables, the Condiments and Sauces, and the Breads. Today, we begin with the History of the Burger.

The Hamburger’s origins are uncertain, but it was possibly first made in the period from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century. The modern hamburger was born of the culinary needs of a society that enjoys the benefits of an industrial fast life and, because of it, a very busy lifestyle with a short time to enjoy meals.

The origin of this food is unclear mainly because many people honour themselves by saying they were the first to put beef between two slices of bread and make magic!



The burger started as a story of meat between two slices of bread.  Shortly thereafter additional characters started joining the party – onions, lettuce, sliced ​​pickles, fries, drinks and of course….cheese.  Note that the basic ingredients used in its preparation, bread and beef, were consumed separately for a long time. Since the middle of last century, the burger boom was consolidated thanks to the proliferation of fast-food chains like McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King.


The history of this dish is remarkable for several reasons. Through the late 90s and early 2000’s the burger’s reputation took a hit due to nutritional concerns about mass-produced meats and documentaries like Super Size Me.  During this time period burgers represented ‘corporate food’ made in a lab and not on a farm.

Nowadays the burger has evolved into a gourmet offering and restaurants like us are committed to not re-inventing the burger, but taking it back to it’s roots.  Quality ingredients, fresh-cut fries and hand-dipped milkshakes made with real ice cream.  Just like they were meant to be.

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