National Burger Month: The Protein


Burger Month is upon us and we here at Hero Certified Burgers want to celebrate this glorious month with as many people as possible. Look at it this way: Some people have Christmas and others have Hanukah, We have Burger Month. During this glorious holiday season, we like to take a look at the burger itself and evaluate it layer by layer.

 Every couple days we will be talking about Burger options and toppings such as Cheese, Bacon, Vegetables, the Condiments and Sauces, and the Breads.

Today, we begin with the meatiest issue, the protein.

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Vaughan Art Hero – National Youth Arts Weeks (May 2016)

Vaughan Art Hero

We think our burgers are a work of art, and now you can observe beautiful masterpieces while eating one.

Hero Certified Burgers is proud to partner with Vaughan Youth Arts Week 2016  to showcase youth artworks in all of our five (5) Vaughan locations for the month of May to foster engagement in community and to provide their support for young artists citywide and celebrate their positive contributions to their communities.

Vaughan Youth Arts Week will feature five (5) youth artists on site to meet and greet community members  and offer an opportunity to express and exchange ideas, showcase talents, get excited about the arts and culture in Vaughan.

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Eat More Beef With Our Beef Bacon Burger

beef bacon

We love beef and bacon we’re proud to say it. Now, we’re able to combine our two loves into one with BEEF BACON!

Dark and leaner than pork, beef bacon fries up crispy just like its predecessor, and if it’s possible, is even yummier. It delivers everything pork bacon does, plus an added hit of something uniquely beefy and rich, reminiscent of that irresistible fat ribbon that runs through Korean short ribs. And now, it’s available at HERO.

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Create the Bengal Burger Contest in Buffalo!

Buffalo State Bengals logo

Fancy yourself a burger chef? Creating a delicious and savory experience for your friends and family to enjoy? Perfect, now you can help us out and win some prizes in return.

In conjunction with our partners at Buffalo State Athletics, we’re asking you to put your chef hats on and help us create the Bengal Burger for our Elmwood, Buffalo location.

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A Brief History of Poutine

hero burger poutine

French fries, cheese curds and gravy. The Holy Trinity of Canadian cuisine will have you hooked after first bite or bowlful. Perfect for any season or time of day, Poutine is the perfect comfort food and always keeps you wanting more.

But how did this infamous delicious dish come about? Well, there are mixed histories (like any popular food) but here is what we learned about the history of poutine.

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Eggs On A Burger? Five Benefits of Putting An Egg On Top

Hero Eggburger

Not too long ago, the idea of topping a burger with a fried egg was exotic. Now? Not so much!

Since we launched our EggBurger  few years back, it has remained one of our top-selling burgers but not everyone is too keen on the fried egg on top of grilled beef.

So let’s look at the benefits of a fried egg on a burger…

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Short History of Black Friday

Black Friday lineup

Black Friday – it’s a day when millions of North Americans hit the stores in search of the best post-Thanksgiving bargains. Do you know that it started in Canada?

 The tradition of shopping after Thanksgiving started in Canada, actually, with the first “Santa Claus parade” thrown by the Eaton’s department store. When Santa closed out the parade, that meant it was time to buy gifts so U.S. department stores took the idea and ran with it and now the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual tradition. For decades, it was an unwritten rule for department stores to hold off on huge advertising pushes until throwing their Thanksgiving parades. In the 1950s, it became more and more common for workers to receive the day after Thanksgiving off. So many people called in sick that it became easier for companies to just give everyone the day off to do their holiday shopping.

So why is it called “Black Friday”?

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Holy Cow! Beef Bacon is Here!

beef bacon

Anyone who’s ever wanted to add more beef on their beef can rejoice, because HERO has added Beef Bacon to our permanent menu.

In keeping with our rigorous standards, we partnered with Founders’ Beef Bacon, because we don’t just want to offer a gimmicky alternative to conventional pork bacon. We set out to serve the best tasting bacon on the market. Period.

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HERO Wins the CAA Partner of the Year

Hero Certified Burgers wins Canadian Angus Association Partner of the Year

The Canadian Angus Association introduced the Feedlot of the Year Award in 2011 to recognize feedlots that promote Angus to their customers and that feed Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tagged cattle. In 2014, the award program was expanded to recognize the CAA Partner of the Year to recognize important partnerships and other sectors of the supply chain that promote Angus beef to the public and appreciate authentic Angus beef. Hero Certified Burgers is proud to announce that it has been awarded the inaugural CAA Partner of the Year for our commitment to using Angus beef that is both verifiable and Canadian.

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