National Burger Month: The Cheese

6oz Hero Signature Burger

At Hero, we love our cheese, but only real, never processed. Actually, the original idea for starting Hero Certified Burgers came from the search for an all natural Angus burger that had a real slice of cheese. After a city-wide search, John Lettieri, our President and Founder, only found high-end restaurants and hotels serving the good stuff and decided it that the citizens of Toronto needed real Canadian cheese with premium Canadian Angus beef.

The cheeseburger first gained popularity between the years 1924 and 1926, and is arguably the most important topping for any burger fanatic. It’s funny but no one knows who actually invented the cheeseburger. There are multiple stories about who was the first one to make the cheeseburger, the most popular one being that between 1924 and 1926, Lionel Sternberger in Pasadena, California added a slice a cheese to a regular hamburger because a homeless man asked him to try it out. This lead to the cheeseburger being put on his menu, and thus, the birth of the cheeseburger

From our Canadian Cheddar to our non-GMO Goat Cheese, we love it all. We strive to serve premium quality food with fresh toppings that will put the taste buds of our customers on a roller coaster ride. Our cheese is always made naturally in Canadian farms using Canadian milk and is ensured to be the highest quality product achievable. The cheese served at each Hero CertifiedBurgers location is just one of the many things we can put onto a burger.

Hero Burger Goat Cheese      Our non-GMO Goat cheese

Hero Blue Moon BurgerBlue Moon burger made with creamy Blue Cheese

 Every Hero Certified Burgers employee has their favourite cheese, so next time you walk into your local HERO, feel free to ask the cashier what their favourite cheese is.

Want to make your burger better? Just add cheese!