National Burger Month: The Bun

Hero Burger - Hero Bun

When beef used to come in the shape of steak, and bread was only meant for butter, someone came up with the brilliant idea of combining them and creating what we now know as, the hamburger.

Hero Burger - BunsWalter Anderson discovered the hamburger bun in 1916. Anderson later went on to cofound the fast food heavy weights, White Castle in 1921. Although a burger bun seems like a couple pieces of bread, we believe it’s more than that. We believe it’s a defining piece to a burger, and with options such as the Ciabattas, Gluten-Free buns, and our Whole Wheat Flatbread, we give our customers the freedom to make their burger a little different that last time. The buns we use are just some more key pieces in addition to the high quality standard we set for our food, and the quality that our customers want and deserve.


Ciabatta Bun:

Our Ciabatta buns contain 190 calories, making it one of the healthier bread options on our menu. They’re also a great choice when you’re thinking about getting switching it up a bit and want a chicken burger or a salmon burger.


Gluten-Free Bun:

Our Gluten-Free buns are an extremely popular item amongst those who are cutting gluten from their diets, or have Celiac Disease. Those who have Celiac Disease can’t eat any foods with gluten, which means our burgers are a perfect option for your everyday gluten-free burger lover. Did you know? that our Gluten-Free buns are also made without any genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).


Whole Wheat Flatbread:

Our Whole Wheat Flatbread contains 170 calories, making it the healthiest bread option on our menu. It’s the bread of choice when it comes to our breakfast menu and is a favorite for those trying who are trying to get that summer bod (or dad bod) ready.


Hero Burger Bun:

The Hero Burger bun, or Egg Bun, as some might know it, comes with sesame seeds on it and is our classic bun choice. It contains 190 calories and is now made with olive oil. This is the perfect choice bun if you’re uncertain about changing the bun on your burger.