National Burger Month: The Bread

Bread from Hero Certified Burgers

When beef used to come in the shape of steak, and bread was only meant for butter, someone came up with the brilliant idea of combining them and creating what we now know as, the hamburger. We think that everyone can agree that a fresh and tasty bun truly transforms a burger from good to great!

Walter Anderson discovered the hamburger bun in 1916. Anderson later went on to co-found the fast food heavy weights, White Castle in 1921. Although a burger bun seems like a couple pieces of bread, we believe it’s more than that. We believe it’s a defining piece to a burger, and with options like Ciabatta, Gluten-Free and a Bamboo Charcoal bun, we give our customers the freedom to make their burger a little different every time. The buns we use are just some more key pieces in addition to the high quality standard we set for our food, and the quality that our customers want and deserve.

Since it’s Burger Month at HERO, here’s some fun and interesting facts about the five varieties of bread that we offer.

HERO Sesame Poppy Bun


Sesame Poppy Bun (Crafted by HERO Private Bakery – see How Our Bread is Made)

At Hero Certified Burgers, bread has always played an important part in our burger making which is why we bake our own classic Sesame Poppy buns daily at our private bakery. 

Our Sesame Poppy Buns are made with 100% Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil, resulting in a fluffier and airy taste to complement our 100% Canadian Angus beef and our other premium proteins.


O'Doughs Gluten Free Bun

Gluten Free Bun (Crafted by O’Doughs)

For those with Celiac disease or gluten-intolerance, we offer great tasting Gluten-Free Buns from O’Doughs bakery. Our gluten-free Deluxe Hamburger Buns are all-dressed, making them perfect for your next gourmet, mouth-watering burger! They’ll give you that full burger flavour without the bloating. If you want to see the other gluten-free items you can pair our gluten-free bun with, check out our Gluten Free Living section. 


Bamboo Charcoal (Crafted by ACE Bakery)

The ACE Bamboo Charcoal Bun gets its jet blackness from powdered charcoal, produced by oven-burning five-year-old bamboo at temperatures of 1400ºF to 2100ºF. Commonly used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cooking, bamboo charcoal, though tasteless, contains vital minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, and sodium. It may look daunting to you at first but trust us, this dark bun is packed with full flavour and doesn’t turn your poop green.

Multigrain Flatbread

Multigrain Bun (Crafted by ACE Bakery)

The ACE Multigrain Bun is topped with slow-cooked steel-cut oats and chia seeds, both excellent sources of protein, fibre and omega-3. On the inside, there are nourishing flax, millet, amaranth and sunflower seeds. An excellent addition to any of our proteins, this pairs beautiful with our vegetarian Soul Burger or our Ontario Turkey burger.

ACE Bakery Ciabatta Bun

Ciabatta Bun (Crafted by ACE Bakery)

The ACE Ciabatta Bun is made without preservatives from the finest natural ingredients. Though light and airy, it is robust enough all those delicious burger toppings. ACE Ciabatta dough is made with unbleached wheat flour, which is full of vitamins and nutrients. Our classic Ciabatta dough in a unique pull-apart shape. Exceptionally light with a moist, airy interior and a crispy crust dusted with flour, it’s been a staple on our menu since inception and we love how it pairs with our Grilled Chicken Breast and Wild Alaskan Salmon.


You can be sure that our ACE Bakery breads contain only the finest, simplest ingredients, natural starters and absolutely no preservatives.

  • ACE Bakery ingredients are chosen for specific characteristics required to produce the finest quality breads. The building block and primary ingredient of the majority of our bread is unbleached wheat flour.
  • Unbleached flour is what gives ACE Bakery bread a “crumb” colour that looks more natural and more wholesome. Using bleached flour is common in many other bakeries and that’s what gives many breads their super-white appearance. The addition of bleaching agents removes the natural yellow colour (carotenoids) from the flour and changes the nutritional value of the resulting flour.
  • ACE Bakery uses fresh yeast and, because of ACE Bakery’s slow fermentation process, the amount of yeast used is considerably less than other commercially prepared breads.
  • ACE Bakery uses starter to leaven its bread products. The starter is a combination of flour, water and yeast that is mixed in different quantities to produce a number of different starters.


Breads at Hero Certified Burgers


Now that you’ve seen all of our buns, which will you choose to top your next burger at HERO??


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