National Burger Month: Condiments and Sauces

Hero burger Condiments

When you think of burger toppings, you’re probably going to think of ketchup. But here at Hero, we like to create, we like to innovate, and we like to make masterpieces.

Hero Burger Ketchup

Like every artist, we strive to create pieces that will make someone look twice. In this case, we want people to take more than one bite, and to savour each bite. And although ketchup might be the most classic of choices, here at Hero, we have options such as our Hero Certified Sauce and Maple Chipotle BBQ to help the process of creating that perfect burger. We want each customer to have an experience that can’t be described in words, an experience that can only be described as a, “You had to be there” experience. With the special array of Condiments and Sauces that are available at our many locations, you can check out our previous article called “10 Dipping Sauces to Try Other than Ketchup“, but we do urge customers to come to our stores and try all our different, certified sauces.


Fun Facts about Condiments and Sauces:

  1. Ketchup as we know today, uses tomato as a base. However, before tomatoes, ketchup was made from anchovies, shallots, oysters, lemons, or even walnuts.
  2. Mustard was so enjoyed by the Romans that when they moved into Gaul (present day France) they took mustard seeds with them and planted them in Burgundy, France.
  3. Even most Hero workers are uncertain what their favourite sauce is. There are just simply too many great options that it’s just too difficult to pick one, so workers tend to tell customers a couple of great options ones. Next time you visit one of our locations, feel free to get a couple of sauces on the side to find out which sauce[s] is your favourite.