Hunger Heroes Mission with Heroes in Black

Matte Black

What started out as a simple request for some donated hamburgers for the annual Heroes March turned into a monthly event that gives food, clothing and most importantly, hope to those in need. 

The Hunger Heroes Mission is co-founded by Hero Certified Burgers and Heroes in Black, a not-for-profit organization started by Matte Black, which aims to unite citizens of Toronto to do something that matters and provide food and clothing to the less fortunate of Toronto. On the eve of our next Hunger Heroes Mission, where we venture the streets and feed the homeless with fresh Hero Burgers, we decided to sit down with Matte Black for more insight into his world.

Matte BlackMatte Black remembers his 10 years living in and out of homeless shelters vividly. Stunned that his family threw him out, Black says he often felt worthless, abandoned, alone and helpless. Today, as a musician and entrepreneur, he aims to provide services and create opportunities for youth experiencing what he went through so that he can be there for them the way he wished someone had been for him.

Black’s experience is not unique. According to Covenant House – Canada’s largest youth agency – there are at least 10,000 homeless youth living in Toronto. From his own experience, Black learned that abuse and neglect are two major reasons young people wind up without a place to live. While shelters like Covenant House are often looked at as the only services available for youth who are homeless, Black offers an additional line of support. “By focusing on them and fixing the internal problems as opposed to just the outside problems like getting a job, we actually focus on their inner dreams and their inner goals,” he explains.

By we, Black means him and his team members who founded the organization, Heroes In Black – a group of people whose goal is to help homeless youth through several initiatives. One example is Angel Armour, a clothing line that when an item is purchased, that same piece is donated to a homeless person. Hunger Heroes strives to inspire homeless youth and give them the support they need. Ultimately, Black’s main goal is to nurture young minds that are innovative and intuitive and actually have a deep insight into what being on the other side and steer them in the right direction through training, teaching and excursions.

We’re happy to announce the next Hunger Heroes Mission is a DOUBLEHEADER! Details are as follows:

Hunger Heroes

Thursday, July 23, 2015

TIME & PLACE: 8:30am, Toronto City Hall 

Meet at the Hero Certified Burgers inside Nathan Phillips Square, pick-up breakfast sandwiches and walk the streets feeding the homeless.

later on in the evening….

TIME & PLACE: 11:30pm, Hero Certified Burgers – Yonge/Irwin (626 Yonge St.)

Meet at that location, pick-up fresh burgers and walk the streets feeding the homeless.