How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Your Burger


We know! Burgers are delicious and there are no ‘problems’ with them! Or are they? Everyone these days is a little more health-conscious than usual, and we’re no different.  With burgers we’ve got a soft spot since let’s face it: they’re the most delicious food on earth! But, since we want you to be happy when eating your next burger, we’ve putted together a guide on how to fully enjoy them with a little less guilt!

1. Logistical challenges.

Sometimes burgers are too big! Haha, no, we’re just kidding, a burger can never be too big and there is certainly a powerful feeling when a gigantic burger stands in front of you.  But as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben always said, with great burger power comes great burger responsibility.  The bigger the burger, the bigger the mess.

Sauces make everything messy, using too much of them could turn your burger into a weird meat and bread soup, and we don’t want that. Use them with care and make sure that the sauces don’t eclipse the rest of the flavours.

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2. Too many carbs!

Yes, we all feel guilty sometimes when eating a good burger because of the amount of calories and carbs we’re eating. By removing the sauces, you remove a lot of the excess calories.  On the carbs end you can remove the top part of the sandwich and eat an open-face burger!

3. Burger? It sounds like fast food.

But it’s NOT! A burger could be as gourmet as it comes! For example, swapping out regular bread for brioche or focaccia bread and changing the cheddar cheese to Gouda and voila! You’ll have a nice gourmet burger! Another thing that you can do, and what we do at HERO, is make your burgers out of Angus beef.

What other ways can you make your burger better? Let us know!


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