Going the Non-GMO Route

Hero Burger non-GMO

A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is any organism that has been altered so that it’s DNA contains at least one gene that wasn’t there originally. It’s very similar to how the X-Men carry the mutant gene  that gives them awkward mutations in the form of unique abilities. Ultimately though, we prefer the mutations in our super hero movies, not in our food.

The David Suzuki Foundation says that GMOs were touted as the end of world hunger since vegetables could be sprayed with pesticides and herbicides to decrease farmers’ production costs. While it makes sense,  bugs and weeds have simply evolved and become resistent to several bacteria in pesticides that were killing them.

While some GMOs may be healthy, the majority are not. According to the Institute of Responsible Technology, GMOs were introduced in 1996 and since that time, North Americans with 3 or more chronic illnesses increased from 7 to 13%. In addition, there were huge increases in allergies, autism, reproductive disorders, digestive problems and more.

Non-GMO ProjectThe Non-GMO Project is an international organization that operates in  North America. They are the only third party verification and labelling organization that work with food suppliers and producers on labelling products in Canada. While there is an increasing consumer demand for companies to serve more non-GMO items, the task proves to be difficult and usually expensive as most corn and soy are the most contaminated GM crops.



TomatoesAt Hero Certified Burgers, our vision since day one was a continuous improvement of the ingredients that we source for the foods that we prepare and serve to our customers. The food landscape never stops changing and for us, it’s not just about the food that we serve but how we bring it to the table. We noticed this niche trend beginning around a year ago and after sourcing our tomatoes, realized that the non-GMO route this was the direction to follow. The fact that we sourced the majority of our non-GMO products from Ontario shows a dedication to nutritious and sustainable agriculture, which has been a part of our mandate since day one.



While this may take a long time, we are committed to sourcing and providing as many non-GMO items to our customers that we possibly can. To current date, our non-GMO menu includes:

– Gluten-Free Bun

– Regular Burger Bun

– Greenhouse-grown tomatoes

Hero Burger non-GMO lettuce– Boston Bibb Lettuce





Hero Burger Red Onion– Red Onions





nonGMO goat cheese– Goat Cheese (made by Celebrity)






hero burger poutine– Vegetarian Gravy





hero burger non-GMO salmon– Wild Alaskan Salmon





hero signature burger– 100% Canadian Angus Beef [while our feed is strictly vegetarian and non-GMO, we cannot yet guarantee cross-contamination to our harvesting facilities – we are working diligently on this]





The GMO debate has accelerated over the past few years, specifically in regards to labelling. With Chipotle’s recent announcement to serve all non-GMO items, the world is taking notice.With 60 locations and counting within the Greater Toronto Area plus American expansion shortly, Hero Certified Burgers is committed to increasing non-GMO items to our environmentally sustainable menu.