Best Places for Late Night Eats in Toronto (Apart from Hero Certified Burgers)

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At HERO we know late-night better than most.  After all, most of our Toronto locations downtown are open until 3am on the weekends and one is open 24hours! We see the after-hours crowd and the early-riser crowds that want a burger for breakfast after a 6 AM workout.  In many ways the HERO team is full of nocturnal creatures that of course love food! If you aren’t in the mood for burgers then here are some other GREAT places to eat late night in the GTA!

1. Burrito Boyz

burrito boyz

Several locations across the GTA, serving up delicious burritos in all shapes and sizes. Sure to help you recover from a long night out. Steak and chicken burritos reign supreme but the halibut is definitely a must-try at BB.

2. The Thompson Dinner.


This place is a little more expensive, but it’s open 24/7 and the food is absolutely delicious. It also has an extensive menu to choose from!

3. King Palace

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Have you ever done Indian after a long night? If so you’ve got to head to King Palace! King Palace features delicious and healthy Indian food.  They do microwave a little, but late-night everything tastes good.  You can choose from combos or special menus. It’s definitely something different to experience after your next night out!

4. Poutini’s House of Poutine


Definitely a late-night institution on Queen West.

You’ll find a long lineup between midnight and 4am every weekend for people lining up to sample their deliciously rich and gooey poutine.

They have many options but nothing beats their classic poutine (except ours, of course!)

5. New Ho King

New Ho King is one of the go-to places for late night Chinese eats in Chinatown. Open until 4am, it’s a hot spot for post club/bar stumblers and late night chow hounds. Portions are generous and rices are reasonable. Ask for cold tea, a great complement to any meal (if they’re still in stock).

New Ho King












How many have you tried?

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