10 Dipping Sauces to Try Other than Ketchup


For most French Fry lovers, Ketchup is king! There’s nothing more classic and tasty than that gooey, tomato based sauce to dump fried potatoes in by the gallon.

While we love Ketchup, we hate to limit our customers to just one product so here are 10 Dipping Sauce suggestions to try next time at your local Hero Certified Burgers.



 Hero Sauce

The mother of all dipping sauces. Creamy, smooth, tangy and light, it goes perfectly with anything and everything you can think of pairing it with.

Pairs perfectly with French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings, Tempura Zucchini and our poutine.

Mix with Ketchup for a Hero Rosè sauce.




 Maple Chipotle BBQ

Our Maple Chipotle BBQ sauce is a great way to add intense heat and a rich, sweet, smoky flavor to your side dish.

This is a great addition to Sweet Potato Fries and Onion Rings providing a great balance and aftertaste to fully complete your meal. Highly recommended by BBQ  enthusiasts.





Low Fat Mayonnaise

 Definitely the go-to dipping sauce in Europe. Mayo is creamy and provides a lovely flavour especially with crispy and golden French Fries.

Some may find the taste of mayo to be unsettling as a dip once you develop your taste buds, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.






Ancho Chipotle

A creamy blend of medium-heat smoky chipotle and mild, sweet ancho chili peppers.

A spicy number that delivers a mouth-warming blend of smoky ancho and chipotle pepper in a smooth, creamy mayo base. Starts sweet and the heat gently builds… It’s out of this world as a dip for our Sweet Potato Fries!




GuacamoleDip Guacamole

Made with ripe avocados, aromatic garlic and fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice, guacamole adds texture and flavor to your meals and snacks. Guacamole  serves as a source of several essential nutrients that benefit your health.

While most people think of guacamole strictly for Mexican food, it’s a robust mix that pairs well with many things, in this case, burgers and fries.

For a full veggie meal, ask for a side of guacamole with our Tempura Zucchini. If you’re really adventurous, add a dollop of it on top of your poutine for a taste of  MexiCanada.




 Creamy Honey Dijon

Most people don’t look to mustard as a dipping sauce unless they’re eating a pretzel or sausage. They’re definitely missing out.

Rich, creamy, sweet and tangy, this Creamy Honey Dijon is wonderfully flavor acting as the perfect dip to our French Fries and Tempura Zucchini.

Great addition to grilled chicken or turkey as well, but definitely give it a try with our Zucchini fries.





Thick, warm and non-GMO, our gravy will soothe your soul and sing to your stomach.

One of the original dipping sauces at burger joints, there really isn’t a match to it on a cold winter’s night. Comforting is the best word to describe gravy.

Of course, add some cheese curds to the mix and you have the glorious concoction of poutine.





Burger. Fries. Shake. The Original Power Meal.

Whoever thought that fried potatoes would go well with cold, whisked ice cream was a genius.

We have our vanilla shake pictured here but our strawberry shake definitely takes the cake for best shake to dip your fries in.





Hero Hot Sauce


Everything tastes better with hot sauce. When it comes to fries, sweet potato, onion rings, zucchini or poutine, it’s better to douse them in hot sauce flames rather than  dip them in it.

Just wash your hands before touching your eyes and face afterwards.




Cranberry Sauce

This is definitely the least popular dipping sauce on the list but if you’re in a festive mood, will treat you right.

Pair this fruity and thick sauce with some hot Sweet Potato Fries or Onion Rings to take you back to Thanksgiving lunch.




Which dipping sauce is your favourite?

Whatever your preference, we know that dipping sauces are not to be shared because nobody likes a double dipper: