2017 – GoodByes, New Beginnings & Resolutions…

new year goals

2016 was a helluva year, no matter how you slice it.

Leicester City won the Premier League at 5000-1 odds, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series after an 108 year drought, we lost several stars of stage, screen and sound and Donald Trump became the President of the United States. Of course, much more happened than this but these were definitely the most headline grabbing, newsworthy stories of the year.

For us, 2016 was the year that we gained new stores, made a lot more friends and raised more money for charity. However, we did lose our long-time storefront at Honest Ed’s, the famed Toronto landmark.

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Hunger Heroes 2-Year Anniversary

Hunger Heroes

We ask you to take a stand against hunger and join us this Sunday, October 30 at Nathan Phillips Square.

We’re celebrating the second anniversary of the Hunger Heroes Mission – the communal brainchild of Heroes in Black and Hero Certified Burgers.

The event starts at 9:30am and Toronto Mayor John Tory will welcome the audience and speak about the homeless situation in Toronto.

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Be A Hero and #BeetCancer…Again!

Hero Certified Burgers Think Pink Campaign

Think pinker this year! We’ve  joined forces again with ACE Bakery in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation- Ontario Region (CBCF), in an effort to help “beet” cancer. From September 26th through October 21st, 2016, diners can visit any HERO Certified Burger location in Ontario and enjoy their favourite burger between a Pink Bun made by ACE Bakery. These attention-worthy buns get their colour from all natural beet juice added to the dough. For every pink bun sold during the campaign, $1 will be donated to CBCF – Ontario Region.

Last year’s campaign surpassed our expectations so we are incredibly thrilled to continue this effort for a second year. We want our guests to know they can still enjoy their favourite burger and still make a difference!

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HERO x Le Burger Week Toronto (September 1-7, 2016)

Le Burger Week Toronto

Le Burger Week is upon us again! It’s an opportunity for Toronto burger lovers to vote for their favourite burger. Participating restaurants showcase their best burger, for a discounted price, all week, then it’s up to the diners to vote online. At the end of the week the best burger in Toronto will be crowned.

“Le Burger Week” is a multi-city, Montreal-based rival to Toronto’s homegrown Burger Week, which happened a few years back but is now defunct thanks to the demise of its founder, weekly newspaper The Grid. The francophone version—currently taking place in six different cities, including Toronto, Montreal and, intriguingly, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. From September 1 until 7th, several spots in the city will be serving at least one special burger for customers to try and vote upon to determine the best burger in the city.

Luckily for you, HERO has six (6) participating locations with each offering their very own burger for you burger lovers during this burger-loving week.

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National Bacon Lovers Day

beef bacon

It is a staple of Canadian and American breakfasts, loved by meat eaters across the world, and has even been blamed for turning vegetarians into meat eaters. Yes, we’re talking about bacon. Bacon is one of the oldest processed meats in history with the Chinese salting pork bellies as early as 1500 B.C. People love bacon, they go crazy for it. Today, August 20 is officially known as National Bacon Lovers Day. To celebrate, here are some interesting facts about the baconmania craze:

  1. More than half of all homes (53%) keep bacon on hand at all times
  2. Pregnant women should eat bacon. Choline, which is found in bacon, helps fetal brain development
  3. Each year in the US more than 1.7 billion lbs. of bacon are consumed
  4. Bacon is said to cure hangovers
  5. Canadians really love their bacon, with 43% choosing bacon over sex.

It’s been said that bacon is the duct tape of food. Wrap it around just about anything, and immediately all problems are solved. 

I mean, just check out the guys from Epic Meal Time (They really love bacon (on bacon on bacon on bacon under bacon on bacon):

So we know you eat the stuff. There are groups, apps and communities dedicated to our salted and cured friend. But did you know that there are literally tons of ways for baconmaniacs to demonstrate their love that are available for your purchasing pleasure? Here are a few ways to get your bacon fix without clogging your arteries.

Bacon-Scented Pillow

The future of sleep is here, and apparently it smells like cured meat.

bacon scented pillow

Juicy Jewelry

Nothing says “classy” quite like an ode to pork around your neck.

bacon necklace


Lip Balm

How about a little lard-scented balm for your lips?

bacon lip balm



We would think you would want to get the smell of bacon off your hands, but if not, then this is for you.

bacon soap


iPhone Case

You probably won’t be able to play the 5-second rule after dropping your phone a few times.

bacon iphone case


Nothing like salted fried pig breath to clean your mouth.

bacon toothpaste


Bacon Soda

Bacon Soda, I got Bacon Soda.

bacon soda


Enjoy some lovely strip bacon or pork-free Beef Bacon on any burger or sandwich at your local Hero Certified Burgers.


Credit to: http://twentytwowords.com/bacon-lovers-unite-35-fun-and-ridiculous-bacon-related-products-you-need-in-your-life

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2015/06/27/the-science-behind-why-we-all-love-bacon-5268455/#ixzz4HbaLWT4J


A Burger Fit For A Cyclops: The Kalamata Burger is Back

Kalamata Burger

At HERO, we love our cheese. With five types of real cheese on our menu, we decided to bring a sixth for a limited time to help cool us off from the summer heat. Yes, the Kalamata Burger is back for a limited time. Made with fresh feta cheese and kalamata olives, it’s the perfect burger for the summer. Light, airy with a true taste of the Mediterranean, it will have you shouting OPA! after every bite.

Since the Greeks were the cradle of civilization, they were the first to bring the world the delectable tastes of feta cheese and Kalamata olives. Here are some fun and interesting facts about feta and Kalamata olives that will curb your appetite before biting into that juicy burger.

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National Burger Month: The Toppings

Hero Certified Burgers toppings

We’ve been eating burgers our entire lives, so we think we know what we’re talking about. It’s National Burger Month — so you should be eating at least one burger a week during the month of May. Whether you prefer Angus beef, chicken, salmon, turkey or even a veggie burger, as long as it’s between two buns, we’re cool with you. 

We’ve already talked about the proteins, the bread and the cheese, so let’s round out the burger with an essential part: the toppings.

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Nutella HERO: Spreading Happiness in Milkshake & Sundae Form with Nutella.

Chocolate Hazelnut Shake and Sundae topped with Nutella

Hero Certified Burgers is pleased and proud to announce the introduction of  a line of ice cream treats with Ferrero’s Nutella® hazelnut spread. Beginning on May 16th and continuing all Summer long, , guests can visit any Hero Certified Burgers locations  to enjoy two ice cream desserts with Nutella®, a spread made from roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa.

New this season, HERO has whipped up a milkshake and ice cream sundae with the popular hazelnut spread. The full line of treats includes:

  •        New Real Shake featuring fresh soft ice cream swirled with Nutella® hazelnut spread and topped with Nutella®
  •        Ice Cream Sundae topped with Nutella® – Layers of soft ice cream topped with Nutella®

Nutella Sundae & Milkshake at Hero Certified Burgers

If you’ve been on Mars for the past 20 years and don’t know about Nutella, we’re more than happy to provide you with some fun and interesting facts about the chocolate hazelnut spread.

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National Burger Month: The Bread

Bread from Hero Certified Burgers

When beef used to come in the shape of steak, and bread was only meant for butter, someone came up with the brilliant idea of combining them and creating what we now know as, the hamburger. We think that everyone can agree that a fresh and tasty bun truly transforms a burger from good to great!

Walter Anderson discovered the hamburger bun in 1916. Anderson later went on to co-found the fast food heavy weights, White Castle in 1921. Although a burger bun seems like a couple pieces of bread, we believe it’s more than that. We believe it’s a defining piece to a burger, and with options like Ciabatta, Gluten-Free and a Bamboo Charcoal bun, we give our customers the freedom to make their burger a little different every time. The buns we use are just some more key pieces in addition to the high quality standard we set for our food, and the quality that our customers want and deserve.

Since it’s Burger Month at HERO, here’s some fun and interesting facts about the five varieties of bread that we offer.

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National Burger Month: The Cheese


At Hero, we love our cheese, but only real, never processed. In truth, the founding idea for Hero Certified Burgers came from the lack of an all natural Angus burger that had a real slice of cheese. After a city-wide search, John Lettieri, our President and Founder, only found high-end restaurants and hotels serving the good stuff and decided it that the citizens of Toronto needed real Canadian cheese with premium Canadian Angus beef.

Trained as a cheesemaker in Switzerland, John knows everything there is to know about cheese. When he opened the original HERO inside Hazelton Lanes, there were 12 hand-crafted cheeses like Gorgonzola, Fior di Latte, Havarti and Emmenthal. Over the years. our cheese options have been halved but you can still enjoy a great tasting cheeseburger in 5 different ways.

It’s Burger Month, so let’s talk more about cheese and cheeseburgers.

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